“We offer a range of standard packaging or we can provide bespoke packaging that will
meet your individual requirements”

About Our Packaging

In a competitive environment, innovative and appealing packaging is a key factor in drawing attention and creating value. At Reabrook, we work in partnership with key industrial suppliers to ensure that we offer the best product solutions for your brand. We offer a range of template packaging or can provide bespoke packaging to meet your individual requirements.


For our Aerosols we can fulfil in aluminium, tin-plated steel or glass from;

  • 3Oml
  • 5Oml
  • 1OOml
  • 25Oml
  • 5OOml
  • 75Oml

Your product can be supplied in several different formats;

  • Labelled
  • Lithogeneric
  • Lithographed
  • Plain- For Self Labelling

We can then supply your finished product to you either;

  • Boxed
  • Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Shrink-wrapped Trays

We are constantly reviewing our suppliers to ensure that we can offer the lightest weight aerosol cans; without compromising quality or performance. For some customers, this may mean deploying state of the art DWI technology with optimised can shapes and the use of technology that can reduce the weight of a can by up to 20% with the possibility of future reductions of a further 10%. Using standard aluminium beverage stock, our suppliers are able to take advantage of a readily available material noted for its recycled content. It contains more than 65% recycled material. The approximate material composition being: 40% Pre-Consumer Scrap, 25% Post-Consumer Scrap and 35% Primary Metal/Coil Producer Internal Scrap. Whichever your route, our supply partners have a solution to fit.

Liquid Packaging

Our liquids can come in the following standard packaging options;

  • 5Oml
  • 1OOml
  • 25Oml
  • 5OOml
  • 75Oml
  • 1 litre


  • 2 litre
  • 5 litre
  • 20 litre
  • 25 litre
  • 210 litre
  • IBC’s

Offering a complete recycled packaging solution using bottles made from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic in either HDPE or PET. This material once used, can still go into the recycling system to again be recycled. The PCR can also be used in various levels from 25% to 100% and meets European Food Contact regulations. We also provide colour variation batch testing and stability compatibility to ensure previously agreed levels are maintained.

We are working with our closure suppliers to allow a choice of sustainable components, with some now able to ‘re-grind’ material from their own plastic waste for certain caps and closures colours.

Tube Packaging

Available for our pet care range, we are able to offer our tube products with a virtually unlimited combination of effects and styles.

We can fill tubes in the following diameters with gloss or matt lacquer;

  • 35mm
  • 4O mm
  • 5Omm

These are all available with;

  • Flexo Printing
  • Foil Blocking
  • Labelled
  • Silk Effect
  • Tactile Finish

These then come with a choice of standard screw- on caps or flip-top caps.

The caps are available in;

  • Gloss Finish
  • Matt Finish
  • Metallised Finish
  • Solid Colours – Which can be matched to Pantone references
  • Translucent at various levels of tint

We source tubes made from recycled plastic material which are fully recyclable into the same recycling stream. These tubes are highly customisable allowing you as our customer to choose the amount of PCR to be used; depending upon your requirements and the nature of the product that is contained within the package. The tubes are made from a combination of virgin and recycled plastic materials, allowing us to offer tubes with a reduced amount of virgin plastic used in production, whilst themselves being fully recyclable. Each tube contains more than 50% PCR HDPE plastic material and are typically used for hair care, skin care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. These tubes are fully compliant with regulations assuring the protection of your product whilst the excellent finish combined with our supplier’s expertise ensure your tube decoration is of the highest quality.

Gift Packaging

Priding ourselves on being able to offer a full-service contract manufacturing solution. We can not only develop, source and manufacture your product, we can also source outer packaging and display cases. Our experienced production teams excel at high volume multi component packing projects where rapid turnaround and impeccable quality are critical.

We have contact globally to ensure that we can source all your product and pack components at the best possible price but with guaranteed quality. Please contact us to discuss your gift pack requirements.

  • Bags
  • Display Boxes
  • Presentation Cases
  • Shelf- Ready Packs
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